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Momo by EequKazoku Momo :iconeequkazoku:EequKazoku 2 0 Eequ by EequKazoku Eequ :iconeequkazoku:EequKazoku 0 0 Ame by EequKazoku Ame :iconeequkazoku:EequKazoku 0 0 Kai by EequKazoku Kai :iconeequkazoku:EequKazoku 0 0 Pui by EequKazoku Pui :iconeequkazoku:EequKazoku 3 0 Momo by EequKazoku Momo :iconeequkazoku:EequKazoku 0 0 My Famous Korean Boyfriend by EequKazoku My Famous Korean Boyfriend :iconeequkazoku:EequKazoku 0 0
Plot Summary:
Together with her best friends Hayate and Masaaki, Kiyoto has been living her fun and carefree life at the Kokaryo Orphanage for as long as she could remember. As she grew up, she never had thoughts of leaving, not until years later when the three children witness a horrifying event that causes them to flee in fear of the only world they've ever known. Two of them are caught, but Kiyoto escapes into the safety of the bustling city. She tries to forget her past as she rebuilds a new life, but just how far can she run from her past before she stumbles and falls?
Storyline and art by Kai
Full ongoing story at:
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Reflections of a Jailbird
Plot  summary:
Kentaro Okada is a high school student who is feared by everyone, yet fears no one other than his equally hot-headed mother. To make things worse, he ends up in jail for various reasons, which cause a huge twist in his life. One year later he is released and enrolls into the same high school that his love interest, Ayano, attends. But although Kentaro throws away his past as a delinquent and joins the same high school as Ayano, he has no clue about love. And while he's in his own world trying to figure out how to confess his love to her, she has her very own dilemma to deal with.
Ayano, who is ranked as dumbest in class, is aiming to pass the entrance exams for Medical school with all her might. And Kentaro, being the smartest in class is elected by Ayano to help her achieve her dreams despite his intimidating aura that usually repels people. But what Kentaro thought to be a golden opportunity bestowed by heaven turns out to be a curse from hell when h
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Harusame (Spring Rain)
Plot summary:
The Imai clan has survived for centuries relying on the fortune tellers in their clan, but they start fearing for their survival when the new predictor and heiress of their clan, Hisa, is born with limited powers. She is gifted with the power of vision, but has no control over it. Her unexpected visions only allow her to glimpse an uncertain and inexact future. Matters complicate when Hisa predicts the fall of her clan by the hands of a masked man who fights with a two-handed sword – a specialty of their brother clan (the Sakurai clan). As suspicion erupts between the once united clans, the signs of an upcoming war become clearer. The Imai clan decides to take precautionary measures and suggest tightening their bonds through an arranged marriage between the heir and heiress of both clans. A team consisting mostly of the strongest ninja of the Sakurai clan is assigned to escort Hisa to their village but an unexpected ambush separates her and a hunter named Ka
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Hate Loses to Love by EequKazoku Hate Loses to Love :iconeequkazoku:EequKazoku 0 0 Kentaro - School Garden by EequKazoku Kentaro - School Garden :iconeequkazoku:EequKazoku 0 0 Snow by EequKazoku Snow :iconeequkazoku:EequKazoku 0 0 Dark silhouette by EequKazoku Dark silhouette :iconeequkazoku:EequKazoku 0 0 Ame's House by EequKazoku Ame's House :iconeequkazoku:EequKazoku 0 0 Take's House by EequKazoku Take's House :iconeequkazoku:EequKazoku 0 0


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